Maria Sutton  
The Night Sky
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Average Customer Review:  Five out of Five Stars 
"A very poignant and suspenseful memoir" -- Red Adept Reviews
"5 Stars are not enough for this wonderful read " -- Raymond H. Mullen
Reviews for The Night Sky: A Journey from Dachau to Denver and Back
"Transfixed and Enthralled by this book" -- Ace, Amazon Vine Voice
The Night Sky - Book Club recommendation! 

I owe this review to Maria Sutton, the wonderful lady who wrote The Night Sky. A Journey from Dachau to Denver and Back. One Woman's Story of Quiet Courage and Love: a memoir. 

I received the book at the end of last year and started reading the first few gripping pages just before Christmas. However due to circumstances I was unable to continue and focus on this so had to put it aside until last week. I cannot remember the last time I read a book so quickly. For me this book was a real page turner. A journey of one woman to find her father, uncle and other relatives and puzzle together the life of her mother who lived through the war and eventually reached the USA. 

The book is well written, clearly with love and never dull. I could not wait to get on the bus to work and back or to curl up under my duvet to see where this journey was taking me. 
Of late we have been reading a number of war stories in our household. A subject that I would normally like to put aside. Rightly or wrongly I quite like my little monkeys to remain in their happy little reading world as they see and hear too much drama in the newspaper and on the news channels. However due to the recent tears of Kate Middleton at the premiere of War Horse, this is now a must read at school and girl monkey is also reading Anne Frank's Diary. A book close to my heart. I read the book at age 10 and in Holland, every year on the 4th May there used to be a film, play or documentary about her life on the television to remember those lives affected by WWII. 

My parents lived through WWII and I have heard many stories from them, always moving and I can never forget any of them, even though by comparison it wasn't all that bad for them really. 

It is amazing how driven the author of The Night Sky is in her pursuit of her family. It must be so hard not knowing who your father is. Recently one of my friends found her father after nearly 42 years, she never knew who he was and she is lucky enough to find him healthy and well and they are able to build a bond between them. 

I would really like to thank Maria Sutton for writing this book. I cannot recommend it enough and hope that many of you will be able to get your hands on this (it is available from Amazon). I have included the synopsis (copied from the book as no one could have written that better) below.  -- Petra Hoschtitzky

"When You Have a Great Story To Tell, You Can Write a Great Book " -- Ken Korczak
"A fascinating true story, written from the heart" -- Nancy Loderick